Maasai children living in rural areas do not have the advantages of their urban peers.

Jamii Moja seeks to find sustainable solutions that will allow the children to embrace traditions and values of their culture while gaining an education that will give them an improved quality of life. The children we serve range from preschool through high school graduates.



Jamii Moja takes a holistic approach to defining the challenges of low school attendance and under achievement. Working closely with the local elders and leadership has contributed to a successful blending of modern solutions while preserving the rich history of the Maasai people.

We rely upon local resources in order to support the local economy. The investments of Jamii Moja in education achieves the collective objective of preparing children to live and thrive in the modern global community.

Make a General Donation to our Educational Fund
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Your general donation to our educational programs will help fund teachers salaries, buy books and supplies, and sponsor the food program for children aged preschool through high school.